The Waking Forest

In the peculiar quiet of the absolute dark, I sit up in bed, cross-legged, wondering if it was a mistake to come here.
Wondering if, maybe, even this darkness cannot help me escape myself

I’m so deep in these thoughts that it takes me a few minutes to notice it: the darkness, breathing. The dark itself is breathing.
Someone is breathing in the darkness.
I don’t know which frightens me more.
It’s exactly like in my dreams, except now I’m awake. Holding my own breath, I hear it: long drag in, short whoosh out.
And again…
And again.

This was the other book that I purchased on my quest to find a really good, creepy read featuring a forest. I had a lot of success with this book and gave it 4 stars on Goodreads

The book was split into two parts- part one flipped between the story of a girl and her family in modern day, and a witch in a creepy forest in a dreamworld. Part two was entirely about a witch in a magical world. I enjoyed almost all of part two and half of part one as I didn’t like the modern day storyline-the characters just felt like they were quirky for the sake of quirky but had very little of interest about them. But the parts with the witch? I loved them!

This book had fairy tales within a fairy tale, I love a fairy tale-re-telling or original, I love them all! Fair tale-ception, if it’s not a thing, it should be a thing because it was marvellous.

I really enjoyed the quest that took place in the second part, it was very exciting and very much reminded me of quests in Dungeons & Dragons, but without the Kobolds. This book included a myriad of mythical creatures that added to the excitement

The big battle was truly quite thrilling although fizzled at the end but I’m ok with that. It felt a little abrupt but was explained in a believable way

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I think I will be adding this to my ‘TBR in October’ pile as it’s perfect for a creepy read. I’m not really into being scared, I’m a huge wuss and I did find some parts of this book to be quite scary which was fun because it’s October and it felt appropriate for the season

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