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Reading Christie 2021

This year I took part in the Read Christie 2021 challenge and what fun I had. I am such a huge fan of Agatha Christie and really enjoyed having a monthly theme!

Just hanging out with my Read Christie stack

Of the 12 dedicated reads of 2021, I had 4 Four Star Reads and 8 Five Star reads!

My reading also included two of my top five favourite Agatha Christie books! Since I had so many high rated reads during this challenge, I decided to rank them from least favourite (which was still a 4 star read!) to favourite and here’s the video to prove it! The reason for this? Absolutely no reason, I just thought it would be fun.

One day I will rank all of the Agatha Christie books but that’s a task for me of the future and not me of the present.

Happy viewing!

Ranking my Read Christie 2021 reads

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