Double Deception

In the thrilling world of celebrity lookalikes, nothing is what it seems…

A new crime thriller author has come onto the scene with her first book in the genre of Jackie Collins and Jilly Cooper. The story revolves around Belinda, a Director of a Lookalike Agency, and the camp and exotic world she inhabits.

The author delves into the mysterious, dark side of fantasy and crime, going behind the scenes of the show business world of lookalikes and tribute acts. Filled with deceit, scandal and lies, the reader gains an in‐depth perspective of their lives and glamorous jobs. The drama, combined with a host of intriguing characters, including the Mafia, is themed around a powerful love story with many twists and turns along the way. This gripping crime, sometimes comedic book, will leave you on the edge of your seat, wanting more.

I chose this book based on the blurb. It sounded exciting and fun. While the book was fun, it wasn’t as thrilling as expected. My enjoyment of this book came more from this book being so silly and ridiculous at times. I felt that this book was part Jackie Collins and part Rocky Flintstone. The romantic scenes were very Rocky Flintstone, I am a huge fan of his so this is a intended as a compliment! I gave this book 3 stars as it gave me such a good laugh.

There were a lot of characters and a lot of party scenes with even more characters. At times, the characters were just listed but as many of them were silent or just not involved in the story, I could have lived without them. At times characters were described or anecdotes provided that didn’t add to the story.

A lot of interesting things were built up and then happened off page. If I’m reading about the planning of an elaborate crime, I’d quite like to read about it actually happening, not just the aftermath. I was a little disappointed as I was very much looking forward to reading about it. The book actually started with something very exciting but that sort of fizzled and didn’t really go anywhere.

The relationship between Belinda and Frank was odd. Somehow they fell utterly in love but didn’t really speak…lust, yes but love? I didn’t buy it. They went weeks without talking and then a text here and there, I think I’d have counted that as a relationship when I was a teenager. The majority of dialogue between Belinda and Frank was during their sexy times which were rather hilarious to read. He kept pulling her bra up to her neck…why Frank? Belinda was having an affair yet was very judgemental towards other people who had affairs.

I found it very difficult to get a grasp of the timeline as the celebrities mentioned were all quite dated, I couldn’t imagine being at a party where my friends would go wild for a Boy George impersonator like the revellers in this book did. Near the end of the book it was revealed that the book took place in 2019 but honestly, other than a few references to smart phones and One Direction, the book could have been set in the 90s. I think I would have preferred it if it had.

The sexual assault part of the story felt like it came from nowhere and didn’t feel like it added to the plot in a way that couldn’t have been achieved differently. I’m not a fan of books that include sexual assault especially if the resulting event could have been achieved in another way. I definitely think that this wasn’t needed. I also felt that the other Marilyn storyline was a bit unnecessary. Like trying to provide shock value but in an upsetting way.

The mysterious society was so intriguing but it was never really explained. The blurb of this book told me that the Society was the Mafia but without that, I wouldn’t have known until 3/4 through the book. However as soon as this was revealed I realised that each of the members was very stereotypical which was a bit disappointing as I’d hoped for more excitement than was given. The members of the society were pretty inept which did make the book entertaining.

This book was silly and fun, I found it to be entertaining and laughed so much while reading this book. I may pick up the sequel as the book ended on quite the cliffhanger. If you are looking for a quick and easy read, then this may be the one for you. Thank you to NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Please note that while this book was mostly light, it did include references to suicide and sexual assault.

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