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Book Series I Want to Finish in 2022

Hands up if you enjoy starting a new series, read a few books, then get distracted and forget to go back to the series?

I love a good series! if given the option of a series or a standalone, I feel more drawn to a series…and yet I’m so bad for actually finishing them. I have taken a note of all of my active series and I think I have 28 active series right now, although I’m super sure that I’ve missed a few off of my list because I thought I had many more. This year, I have set myself some pretty lofty goals of finishing 5 of my active series.

My wee vlog of the series I want to finish this year

I had originally thought of putting the Symphony of Ages series by Elizabeth Haydon on this list since it is a 9 book series of which I’m 5 books deep after reading those books in 2021. However I only own book 6 and books 7-9 are really difficult to get in the UK. It would cost around £100 to get the last three books and I thought that seemed a bit silly when I own many books that would allow me to complete other book series. So I chose my 5 series based on books that I already own since I just need to read books that I already own…should be an achievable goal!

So, the 5 series that I’m aiming to finish this year are:

Crowther and Westerman by Imogen Robertson – 2 books left to read

Dr Greta Helsing by Vivian Shaw- 1 book left to read

Magic 2.0 by Scott Meyer- 4 books left to read

The Vampire Genevieve by Kim Newman/Jack Yeovil- 2 books left to read

The Witches Series by Terry Pratchett- 5 books left to read

I’d love to know if any of you have read and enjoyed any of these series? Or are aiming to finish some of your own active book series.

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