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Reading Scottish January Wrap Up

I’m very excited to introduce my Reading Scottish January wrap up. It felt like January was never going to end but here I am doing my first Reading Scottish wrap up of the year!

This month I read another 4 books by Scottish authors. I haven’t been aiming to read four books a month but seeing as this is the third month that I’ve read four…maybe I will aim for this amount over the coming months.

I raised my pinkie finger to detract from the bruise on my middle finger nail but it’s the thing I zone into

I felt like my picks for January were a bit wider a variety that the last few months; I had a reread, 2 contemporary fiction, and a middle grade. Even though I read two contemporary fiction novels, they couldn’t have been more different so I really felt like a had a nice selection.

Here is my vlog for this months Reading Scottish Wrap Up where I talk about each book individually. If you just fancy a wee summary, I’ve popped details of the books that I read below the vlog.

My Reading Scottish vlog where I talk about my reads

Here’s a summary of what I read this month:

Luckenbooth by Jenni Fagan. This was my reread, I last read this in November and suspected that I’d missed some key plot points. On the second read through I noticed huge plot points and I definitely missed a whole bunch of key points. I got so much out of my second read and will be giving this another read in the future. I gave 4 Stars to this book.

Scabby Queen by Kristin Innes. This was my bookclub book for my real life book club. I enjoyed this book despite not liking the main character. This was a dark and gritty look at real life struggles. I also gave this book 4 Stars as I enjoyed it despite it taking me so far from my comfort zone.

The Second Worst Restaurant in France by Alexander McCall Smith. This book was fine, it was light and silly. However I feel like very little actually happened and I think I should have chosen a different book as my first Alexander McCall Smith book. I gave this book 3 Stars.

Secrets of the Last Merfolk by Lindsay Littleson. This was my middle grade read and it was heartwarming and a lovely story about friendship and doing the right thing. This book left me feeling warm and fuzzy which was something I very much needed! I gave this book 4 Stars.

I’ve already chosen 2 of my February reads- one a contemporary romance and one a fantasy adventure. I’m really excited to see what next month holds!

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