Certain Dark Things

Welcome to Mexico City, an oasis in a sea of vampires. Domingo, a lonely garbage-collecting street kid, is just trying to survive its heavily policed streets when a jaded vampire on the run swoops into his life. Atl, the descendant of Aztec blood drinkers, is smart, beautiful, and dangerous. Domingo is mesmerized.

Atl needs to quickly escape the city, far from the rival narco-vampire clan relentlessly pursuing her. Her plan doesn’t include Domingo, but little by little, Atl finds herself warming up to the scrappy young man and his undeniable charm. As the trail of corpses stretches behind her, local cops and crime bosses both start closing in.

Vampires, humans, cops, and criminals collide in the dark streets of Mexico City. Do Atl and Domingo even stand a chance of making it out alive? Or will the city devour them all?

I honestly think that I’ve found a new auto-buy author in Silvia Moreno-Garcia. This was my fourth book by this author and it was another 4 star read (I think the tally for this author’s ratings is now 2×5 star and 2×4 star). Each book has been so different with the only common thread being a love for Mexico. I listened to the audiobook and found the narrator to have a delightful voice and it was surprisingly soothing to listen to despite the book being very exciting. I actually think that listening to the audiobook stopped me from reading ahead…because I had to wait for the narrator.

The setting of this book really was atmospheric. The book was set in a futuristic Mexico City where vampires were known by all and there are officials tracking them down as they do not want vampires in the city. Humans are registered and licensed and IDs checked by officers during their regular raids. This book was very much in the Noir genre but also set in the future with vampires so I have no idea how to categorise this book so I’ll just say that I really enjoyed it and I can’t wait to read more by this author as each book has been a treat.

I am a sucker (lol) for a vampire book, this wasn’t my only vampire novel this month. This book made me think differently as the vampires in this book weren’t the standard vampire that I knew from literature or tv. Atl’s vampire type was based on an Aztec bird and she had the most gorgeous wings and was graceful (like a bird). Whereas the vampire seeking Atl, Nick, was the more traditional type of vampire as he could control people with just one nibble.

Atl was a somewhat grumpy vampire with her enhanced dog, just trying to live under the radar while trying to carry out her revenge plan but also to escape the city where she is in danger. Domingo worked collecting waste but had previously worked for a Fagan style criminal who used the young kids to go and do his bidding. He was just a kid and he was unbelievably sweet and just obsessed with the vampires he’d read about. The relationship between Domingo and Atl was really quite sweet. He was so insistent upon them being friends and was so eager to help her. He wasn’t scared of vampires and was happy to offer his veins to her. Atl was not looking for a friend or sidekick. She just needed somebody to act as a go between as it was too risky for her. However she ended up warming towards Domingo and they because friends and it was just enjoyable to read.

The book also included Ana who was a crooked police investigator but she was so much more than that. Yes she was a crooked officer but it was only so that she could provide the best for her daughter. Doing the wrong this but for the right reason, for me makes the character a bit more morally grey than just being good or bad. That was something I enjoyed.

This book was so exciting! It had gang wars between different sub-species of vampires, crooked police, and engineered animals. The battles in this book were violent as one would expect from a fight between the undead, but they weren’t violent for the sake of it. Everything in this book felt like it was there for a reason.

As with previous Silvia Moreno-Garcia books, this book included so many snippets of Mexican history that I ended up taking notes of things I wanted to Google and learn more about. Mainly about Aztec history.

I have seen this book described as YA but I really don’t think that it is. The book is extremely violent in parts and has some sexy bits. If you’re looking for a book set in the Mexican underworld with vampire rivalries then I highly recommend this book. I already have my next Silvia Moreno-Garcia read planned!

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