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March Reading Wrap Up

Hello and welcome to my Wrap Up for March. This was a super busy month for me but I somehow managed to get through 21 books and I’m pretty shocked by this!

2 Bookclub Books

5 Audiobooks

2 ebooks

3 Non-Fiction Books

18 Fiction Books

5 💫

✨You Should See Me in a Crown – Leah Johnson https://kapowskireads.com/2022/03/21/a-week-of-reading-and-disliking-a-hyped-book-🙀/

The Young Team- Graeme Armstrong https://kapowskireads.com/2022/03/16/the-young-team/

4 💫

1984- George Orwell (a reread)

Horrorstör – Grady Hendrix https://kapowskireads.com/2022/03/12/horrorstor/

Agatha Christie: The Killings at Kingfisher Hill- Sophie Hannah https://kapowskireads.com/2022/04/02/the-killings-at-kingfisher-hill/

Miss Blaine’s Prefect and the Weird Sisters- Olga Wojtas* https://kapowskireads.com/2022/03/29/miss-blaines-prefect-and-the-weird-sisters/

Rizzio- Denise Mina https://kapowskireads.com/2022/03/09/rizzio/

Vicky Romeo Plus Joolz- Ely Percy https://kapowskireads.com/2022/03/23/vicky-romeo-plus-joolz/

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz- L Frank Baum (a reread)

3 💫

After the Funeral- Agatha Christie https://kapowskireads.com/2022/03/19/after-the-funeral/

Call Me Maybe – Cara Bastone https://kapowskireads.com/2022/03/21/a-week-of-reading-and-disliking-a-hyped-book-🙀/

The Christie Affair- Nina De Gramont https://kapowskireads.com/2022/03/26/the-christie-affair/

Empress and Aniya- Candice Carty-Williams https://kapowskireads.com/2022/03/21/a-week-of-reading-and-disliking-a-hyped-book-🙀/

2 💫

Fight and Flight- Scott Meyer

The Finalist – Joan Long*

Out of Spite Out of Mind- Scott Meyer

1 💫

How to Murder a Boyband- Jason Roche*

The Lost Daughter – Elena Ferrante


Educated – Tara Westover

84 Charing Cross Road – Helene Hanff

Watching Neighbours Twice a Day- Josh Widdicombe


I’d love to know if you’ve read any of these! Or if you’ve enjoyed any other books lately 💕

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