Reading The Highest and Lowest Rated Books On My TBR

My mum always told me to have my own opinions and not to follow the trends…so I took that mentality to Goodreads and read my highest and lowest rated books (from my TBR that I already own). I had some pretty unexpected results!

This week’s vlog is all about the highest and lowest rated books from my TBR

Books read in this vlog :

🔫 The Man Who Died Twice by Richard Osman. This was the highest rated book on my TBR. The second instalment of The Thursday Murder Club. I preordered this book shortly after reading The Thursday Murder Club, even before a blurb or title was available.

🍇 Adults by Emma Jane Unsworth. This was the lowest rated book on my TBR. A novel about a woman in her mid 30s who was sort of falling apart and then her whirlwind of a mother moved in with her. I’d been wanting to read this for quite a while.

This was a very fun little experience and I can see me repeating it again sometime.

Do you feel influenced by Goodreads Ratings?

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