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The Beautiful Ones

They are the Beautiful Ones, Loisail’s most notable socialites, and this spring is Nina’s chance to join their ranks, courtesy of her well-connected cousin and his calculating wife. But the Grand Season has just begun, and already Nina’s debut has gone disastrously awry. She has always struggled to control her telekinesis—neighbors call her the Witch of Oldhouse—and the haphazard manifestations of her powers make her the subject of malicious gossip.

When entertainer Hector Auvray arrives to town, Nina is dazzled. A telekinetic like her, he has traveled the world performing his talents for admiring audiences. He sees Nina not as a witch, but ripe with potential to master her power under his tutelage. With Hector’s help, Nina’s talent blossoms, as does her love for him.

But great romances are for fairytales, and Hector is hiding a truth from Nina—and himself—that threatens to end their courtship before it truly begins. The Beautiful Ones is a charming tale of love and betrayal, and the struggle between conformity and passion, set in a world where scandal is a razor-sharp weapon.

At what point should I stop saying that I love Silvia Moreno-Garcia? At what point does it just become assumed that I have loved one of her books? It should come as no surprise that I absolutely adored this book! I have now read eight books by this author. Eight! Eight books and this is definitely a contender for my favourite. It’s top three and I am not emotionally prepared to work out podium positions right now.

This was a period drama with added supernatural elements because two of the main characters posses telekinetic abilities. I love, love, loved the drama of the period setting! Nina was being introduced to society with the ultimate aim being to end the season with a fiancé. This was the aim of her family but not quite Nina’s intent as she was just happy to take in the new scenery.

I adored Nina! She was such an endearing character. She was forthright and would then chastise herself for failing to show the level of decorum expected of her by her cousin in law. She faced very high expectations which went against her very nature. She was likeable and kind, and thoughtful. She was honest, often to her detriment. She met a mysterious man at a party. It just so happened to be Hector who was a professional entertainer, he just so happened to share her ability.

I love the way that Nina and Hector brought out the best in each other. Hector had been living in the shadow of his own past and Nina taught him to live again. Hector taught Nina how to control her ability.

Hector’s secret was revealed very early on and it really did feel like the stakes were high. I felt so tense waiting for the reveal. Wondering if it would! I just had to keep reading.

The ending of this book was amazing! I cried in Starbucks because I was not expecting it. My heart! My wee heart! I thought that it was perfection.

This was such an excellent twist on a classic sort of story. I now will insist on supernatural elements in my period dramas. Oh, the drama!

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