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Autumn Mixtape Readathon Results

I am a huge lover of autumn. I’m a sucker for a cosy knit, cinnamon, soups, and falling leaves. My favourite colour is also mustard yellow (and green), so autumn just speaks to my soul. So when four of my favourite instagrammers, three of whom are also my favourite YouTubers (one isn’t on there, otherwise I bet they’d be a favourite too), announced that they were doing an autumnal themed readathon…I was in!

Spoiler: I read all of my prompts 💕

These are the books that I read and chat about in my vlog:

Hex Appeal – Kate Johnson*

The Girls Who Disappeared- Claire Douglas*

Her Majesty’s Royal Coven – Juno Dawson

All the White Spaces – Ally Wilkes

Powers of Darkness – Valdimar Ásmundsson

If you have seen any of my previous vlogs, you may notice that these were not the five books that I’d planned to read. I swapped two and I regret nothing!

I love a themed readathon and finishing these books left me feeling very accomplished. However, next time I will try to avoid picking multiple 400 page books because I was concerned that I may not get them all finished.

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