Cutthroat Cupcakes

Seems improbable to Lina, but when an attractive detective snaps cuffs on her and accuses her of witchy crimes she’s forced to reconsider.

The murder weapon? A cupcake topper sold in Lina’s shop, Sticky, Tricky Treats.

The method? A killing curse.

The curse’s origin? Lina…sort of.

Except Lina hadn’t a clue that she was a witch, and certainly didn’t know she’d accidentally cursed some of her confections.

She’s got to catch the killer who used her magic to murder or possibly face a conviction as an accessory. Now, if only the wizard detective assigned to the case weren’t such a distraction.

I have read this author before. I read one of her Vegan Vamp books and it was a really enjoyable read so I must admit that my expectations were a little high for this book. I can happily reveal that they were met!

The characters were so endearing. Lina ran a sweetie shop that had Halloween vibes, she seemed like such a likeable character. Whimsical! Bastian was a gruff detective. The grumpy to her sunshine. Sabrina and Miles were the perfect side characters, I just loved them and would honestly read a whole series about those two.

This book reminded me of the kind of Christmas film I love. Characters having whimsical professions? Yes! Non-believe meets a believer and learns to see the world differently? Yes! Fun side characters! Yes! Only mild peril? Yes! A will they/won’t they mystery? Yes! All I needed was a baddie trying to cancel Halloween or something and it would have been complete.

Was this book super predictable ? It was. I saw the twist coming very early on but that’s ok. It’s a cosy mystery and the joy of cosy mysteries, for me, is the setting, the relationships, and the investigation. The mystery is also important but because the book covered the investigation, that provided all the enjoyment I needed.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and it gave me everything that I wanted. I wanted a fun read with likeable characters and I got that. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for the rest of this series as I am alway keen to read some cosy murder mysteries.

I couldn’t resist reading this book with a wee pumpkin spice latte in the rare October sun

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