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Finishing The Scholomance Series and 2022 Series Goals

At the start of 2022, I gave myself some series goals. I wanted to finish 5 specific series and ultimately reduce my active series total, to finish the series that I was part way through. I then promptly forgot those goals so when I was checking my series results, I was pleasantly surprised!

Absolutely delighted to have finished another series!

One of the series I didn’t plan to finish was The Scholomance series by Naomi Novik. Just because I forgot that the last book was coming out this year and I only found my way to reading the second book a few months ago. So this was a pleasant surprise.

In my Vlog I review not only the final book but the series as a whole. No spoilers, of course. This was a really enjoyable series and I truly am delighted to have finished it this year. This is certain to be the last series that I finish in 2022 so I took this moment to review my series goals and I’m happy to be ending on a high!

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