April TBR

March has been a month! I am so happy for March to be ending although April is also going to be stressful. I love selecting my monthly TBR and I’m still loving using my TBR game to do it.

The dice were very kind to me!

Basically I have made a board and some prompts. I roll the dice and move to a prompt and select a book accordingly. This can either end up with a wonderfully varied and achievable seeming stack of books, or a stack of books that seems daunting. The dice were kind to me and I’m very grateful as my TBR is not too large which will hopefully allow time for me to go off list. Plus what a variety! A book about salmon fishing in my hometown, a slasher, and Paris Hilton’s memoir? This is perhaps my most varied TBR ever!

This game is still in beta mode so I’m still working out some issues with it but it’s still fun for me and I hope it’s fun for anyone who watches it too

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