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Book Shopping

These last few weeks have been so stressful, the end of the financial year is not a fun time. I decided that I deserved to treat myself to some new books to try to compensate for all the stress I’ve been feeling under.

I can hold them all so it wasn’t too bad!

Do new books make up for stressful work times? Sure! Let’s say they do. Treating myself to some new books did make me feel much better!

I had placed a click and collect for one book and by the time the working day ended, I’d decided to just treat myself. We don’t have a lot of bookshops in Aberdeen and our one branch of Waterstones is teeny tiny so this wasn’t as big a haul as it could be. It’s possibly for the best that we have a small Waterstones and no indie bookshops (other than university shops).

I’m so excited about these books as so many of them have been highly recommended to me by friends who know my reading tastes.

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