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Finding a New Favourite Non Fiction Book

This reading Vlog covers my read for the last week which includes 3 books from my May TBR pile. I’m very proud of myself for actually attempting my massive TBR pile and for picking up a hefty book of over 500 pages.

I couldn’t resist the ‘Girl Power’ pose for this thumbnail

I also read Sinister Spring which isn’t featured in the thumbnail but that’s purely due to me not taking any cute photos of that book. I had an absolute blast with my reads this week and I’m excited to share them with you.

I had a truly awful week (at this stage, I think I’ve been saying this every week since March), my week was turned around by Reach for the Stars which was a gossipy trip down memory lane. This was possibly my favourite non fiction of the year so far because I get the warm and fuzzies around British pop music from my childhood.

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