April TBR

March has been a month! I am so happy for March to be ending although April is also going to be stressful. I love selecting my monthly TBR and I’m still loving using my TBR game to do it. https://youtu.be/lxtzjkJSels The dice were very kind to me! Basically I have made a board and some… Continue reading April TBR

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Strong Female Character

I preordered Fern Brady’s non fiction book over a year before it was released, I didn’t even know what it was going to be about but I knew that I loved this comedian and I was excited to see what they wrote. Let me say that this book did not disappoint! https://youtu.be/bYUB3revklk This book deserved… Continue reading Strong Female Character

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Caraval Series Review

Are you ready for a surprise? I actually finished a series! Not only did I finish a series but I competed the entire trilogy within 35 days which feels like a record for me . It’s not because I finished The Hunger Games series over one weekend in 2011 but that was almost another life!… Continue reading Caraval Series Review

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Weekly Reading Vlog

This week I devoted some time to my heavily neglected kindle. I’ve so many unread ebooks so they were long overdue some attention. I’d also been forgetting about my NetGalley approvals, despite getting so excited when I got the approval confirmation. It was like I forgot about them but I really needed to pick up… Continue reading Weekly Reading Vlog

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February Wrap Up

I had a little bit of a slower reading month in February but I found some absolute gems! https://youtu.be/dPGOUSUiOlg I loved 😻Bunny - Mona Awad https://kapowskireads.com/2023/02/15/bunny/ Caraval - Stephanie Garber https://kapowskireads.com/2023/02/22/carnaval/ Untamed Shore - Silvia Moreno-Garcia* https://kapowskireads.com/2023/02/08/untamed-shore/ I liked 😸 The Ministry of Unladylike Activity- Robin Stevens https://kapowskireads.com/2023/02/13/reading-the-highest-and-lowest-rated-books-on-my-tbr-2/ The No Attraction Agreement - Nicki Bell… Continue reading February Wrap Up

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Reading Scottish- February Wrap Up

With February coming to an end, it’s time for me to wrap up all of the Scottish fiction read this month. It’s been a very good and varied month for me and Scottish fiction. This month I read two romances, for ‘tis the season, one fantasy, and one…I have no idea what genre Lanark belongs… Continue reading Reading Scottish- February Wrap Up

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Reading Vlog- One Week, Four Books

I had a very busy week and in this Vlog I’m chatting about all of the books that I have read this week. I’m feeling really good about them and about making progress in my February TBR! This week I read a book by one of my favourite (and autobuy) authors - Silvia Moreno-Garcia. I… Continue reading Reading Vlog- One Week, Four Books

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Reading The Highest and Lowest Rated Books On My TBR

This week I decided to read both the highest and lowest rated books on my unread pile. My never ending and ever growing unread pile! The highest rated book that I owned (according to Goodreads) was The Ministry of Unladylike Activity by Robin Stevens. Having previously read 4 books by this author, I was excited!… Continue reading Reading The Highest and Lowest Rated Books On My TBR

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January Wrap Up

Here’s my January wrap up! It was a busy wee month for me and I got through 17 books which was way more than I expected https://youtu.be/NQcct6qtb88 My wrap up vlog 💕 I loved 😻 Before Again - Claire S Duffy* https://kapowskireads.com/2023/01/21/before-again/ Killers of a Certain Age - Deanna Raybournhttps://kapowskireads.com/2023/01/07/killers-of-a-certain-age/ Legends and Lattes- Travis Baldree… Continue reading January Wrap Up