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Autumn Mixtape Readathon Results

I am a huge lover of autumn. I’m a sucker for a cosy knit, cinnamon, soups, and falling leaves. My favourite colour is also mustard yellow (and green), so autumn just speaks to my soul. So when four of my favourite instagrammers, three of whom are also my favourite YouTubers (one isn’t on there, otherwise I bet they’d be a favourite too), announced that they were doing an autumnal themed readathon…I was in!

Spoiler: I read all of my prompts 💕

These are the books that I read and chat about in my vlog:

Hex Appeal – Kate Johnson*

The Girls Who Disappeared- Claire Douglas*

Her Majesty’s Royal Coven – Juno Dawson

All the White Spaces – Ally Wilkes

Powers of Darkness – Valdimar Ásmundsson

If you have seen any of my previous vlogs, you may notice that these were not the five books that I’d planned to read. I swapped two and I regret nothing!

I love a themed readathon and finishing these books left me feeling very accomplished. However, next time I will try to avoid picking multiple 400 page books because I was concerned that I may not get them all finished.


My Favourite Spooky Books

I am willing to admit that when it comes to the seasons, I am basic. So basic. I love autumn, I get excited about the leaves turning brown, and the abundance of cinnamon in treats.

I also love Halloween! Im a huge wuss though and as mush as I love watching spooky films, I have to look up the spoilers of any new scary films first. I also absolutely adore reading my favourite spooky books. I call them ‘spooky bookies’ because who can resist a rhyme? Especially in October when I sounds like part of a spell or something.

My favourite spooky books

These are my favourite spooky season books, the books that I look forward to rereading every October. Sometimes I don’t get to them all but I usually reread at least half of these annually. I adore a good gothic horror and for me, that means looking to my classic shelf,

I am always on the lookout for recommendations for gothic horrors. I’ve read a few excellent recently release gothic horrors and am hopeful that soon I can give a list of my favourites which will include some books from this century!

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September Wrap Up

September was feeling very kind to me and decided to make up for the last two month being a little underwhelming. This was very much appreciated!

I finished 15 books this month, 14 fiction and 1 non fiction

Can you tell that I couldn’t hold my pile of read books?

I loved

The Beautiful Ones- Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Plain Bad Heroines – Emily M. Danforth

Signal to Noise- Silvia Moreno-Garcia

I liked

Ace of Spades- Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé

The Hatmakers- Tamzin Merchant

Hear No Evil – Sarah Smith

The Last Graduate – Naomi Novik (book 2 in a series)

Meantime- Frankie Boyle

The Sound of Sirens – Ewan Gault

They Came to Baghdad- Agatha Christie

The Wolf Hunters- Amanda Mitchison

Not For Me

Daughter of Darkness- Katharine and Elizabeth Corr

The Girl, The Crow, The Writer, and The Fighter- George Paterson

Welcome to Cooper- Tariq Ashkanani

Non-Fiction 👩‍🎓

I’m Glad My Mom Died – Jennette McCurdy✨


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Read the Rainbowthon Reading Vlog

I have had such a fun time taking part in Roll the Rainbowthon 🌈 and read more than expected which made me very pleased. So this week I took part in a Readathon which is one of my favourite things. I love a themed reading week!

I drank a lot more coffee this week than the thumbnail suggests 😸

I may have also found a new favourite book which is always lovely 💕

Who could have imagined that I would read and love another Silvia Moreno-Garcia book..? Everyone! I love this author and she did it again with Signal to Noise.

I managed to get through four books this week which was more than expected. There was no chance of me getting through the six books I’d hoped to read but four feels very good.

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Reading Scottish – Bloody Scotland Debut Fiction

This month, my Scottish reads were a bit different because I had a theme. A wee while ago, Bloody Scotland announced the shortlist for the debut Scottish crime fiction novel of 2022. I decided that I wanted to read them all and see if I could predict the winner!

I try to predict the winner🔮

This month I read:

Hear No Evil by Sarah Smith

The Wolf Hunters by Amanda Mitchison

Welcome to Cooper by Tariq Ashkanani

The Girl, The Crow, The Writer, and The Fighter by George Paterson

Meantime by Frankie Boyle

While these books were all Scottish crime novels, they were all so different. This was such an enjoyable reading experience and I’m so excited to see what these authors do next.

Huge congratulations to the winner and all the nominees!

The nominees
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Plain Bad Heroines

This week, the weather turned in Aberdeen. It’s cooler and windy and a little stormy, this felt like the perfect time to start reading some of the Dark Academia that I hope to get through in August.

As one of my friends had highly recommended Plain Bad Heroines to me (and it was the biggest book on my TBR), it made sense to start with this book.

My Wee Vlog

Let me tell you that I loved this book! This week’s vlog is pretty much me just talking about how much I loved it.

In the spirit of Autumn, I also had my first pumpkin spice latte of the year. I declare Autumn to have begun once I’ve had my first sip of a PSL. Although I still can’t taste or smell anything but it still counts!

I finished my week off with a stroll around Aberdeen University which really is just stunning!

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August Wrap Up

August was a slower month for me. I still got through 12 books but this is a little lower than my average month.

August Wrap Up Vlog

I am loving being able to see my reading stats. Thank you StoryGraph! No way do I have the patience to draw them up myself.

I had three top reads this month so I’m chatting about those: Influencer Island by Kyle Rutkin, Glowglass by Kirkland Ciccone, and The Daughter of Doctor Moreau by Silvia Moreno-Garcia.

I also announce my book recommendation of the month 💕

I’m hopeful that I’ll get through some more books in September. Mainly because my intended TBR is around 5,000 pages. Wish me luck!

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September Reading Goals

I don’t usually do anything fun when deciding my reading goals for the month. I basically choose a day to pick a bunch of books that I fancy reading soon, add any books I need to read for readalongs and that’s basically it.

September is a little different as I got to have some fun picking my TBR pile. There are two different TBR games that I am participating in this month as two creators over on YouTube are opening up their TBR games and I just had to join in. I do love a TBR game!

Timings and links to creators

Setting my ridiculous reading goals

First up, I’m joining in with Becca’s Bookopoly and playing Bookoplathon. This is a month long list of intended reads. I decided to roll as many times as it took me to do a loop of the board, this ended up being eight rolls.

Secondly, I’m joining in with Christy Reads’ Roll the Rainbowthon which lasts one week of September. I’ve ended up with six options, most of which overlap with my Bookoplathon picks because no way will I be able to read six books in one week!

So I ended up with eleven books…but this isn’t my full TBR . I have my Agatha Christie pick for Read Christie and a book tour, plus I have another four books that I have been planning to read in September. This brings my total number of books I plan to read in September up to seventeen and over 5,000 pages.

Doable? Who knows! All I know is that I’m giddy with excitement about reading all of my hopefuls so I feel like September is going to be a good month.

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Reading Scottish- August Wrap Up

August’s Reading Scottish Wrap Up is my round up of all the Scottish literature read this month and this month feels a little less successful when compared to previous months. I feel this way as I read fewer books this month overall.

With my Scottish books, I had two books that were also one book which was confusing. Two different stories but in one physical book that you had to flip upside down to read the other story. So I count this as one but could it be two? Goodreads thought so but I disagreed. I also had a DNF which feels a little bit like a fail. However, I still found some excellent reads and it really is a good thing to put down a book that isn’t working.

My Reading Scottish Wrap Up Vlog

Books included in this week’s vlog are:

Meet Me at the Cupcake Cafe by Jenny Colgan

Xstabeth/The Towers, The Fields, The Transmitters- David Keenan

Bury Your Secrets- M.R. Mackenzie*

Glowglass- Kirkland Ciccone



A Wee Holiday Reading Vlog

My boyfriend and I went on holiday! Sort of. We needed some work done to the house and it would take less time if we weren’t there off we popped to a hotel for 3 days. The hotel was also 2 miles from our house and about 30 seconds away from my office but it counts as a holiday. If you get a buffet breakfast and aren’t responsible for washing the towels then it’s a holiday!

My reading vlog

My main plans for this trip were to read. As I’d been unwell with covid at the end of July and start of August, I felt like I’d fallen behind on my reading. I hadn’t, you can’t fall behind in a hobby. I had books I’d wanted to read and some were seasonal as the second that Pumpkin Spice Lattes come out, I go into Autumn mode (I also drink one, remember they’re far too sweet and sprinkle cinnamon on my espresso instead). But I wanted to get my summer reads finished and my boyfriend had some reading he wanted to get done too.

His and hers TBR

In addition to reading, we watched a lot of The Commonwealth Games as we don’t watch live tv at home. Who knew that I would love bowls? Because I loved it. It was just a very nice and relaxing trip away. I acknowledge that we were very lucky in being able to afford a trip away, even if it was to a hotel that was a walkable distance from our house.

I finished 3 books in 3 days

We are both very much homebodies so our plans for this holiday were also built around a desire to visit the museums and art gallery. Despite living in Aberdeen for almost a decade, I’d never visited the Maritime Museum nor Provost Skene House. I had, however, visited the Art Gallery quite a lot but there was a new exhibit that I wanted to see.

Provost Skene House is basically a celebration to all things Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. It’s a gorgeous and very old building in the city centre. I believe it was closed for a really long time as it was getting some maintenance. This is my excuse for never having visited before. The greatest joy was actually bumping into my in-laws! An unexpected treat. I really enjoyed finding out about the local literary talent, even though there was an homage to Sunset Song and I hated that book.

Aberdeen is on the coast, we have a beach and most people know someone who has some sort of link to the offshore industry. I’d never visited this museum either. This museum was filled with information on both Aberdeen’s shipping history and the offshore industry. I really enjoyed the boats and the massive sculpture of an offshore rig!

We also visited the Art Gallery because there was a new exhibit that I wanted to see- Viking Gold that had been unearthed in Galloway. It was fascinating. We also went through the entire museum as we do every time. My favourite parts were the portrait gallery where my favourite painting can be found.

Kitty of Frying Pan Alley by Oswald Hornby Joseph Birley

I just love this gallery! There’s also an outside area on the top floor but we didn’t go outside that day as it was threatening to rain.

Before I finish my recap of our weekend trip, I just need to share a picture of my boyfriend’s dinner. We have been giggling about this chip topped pizza ever since. The verdict was that it was delicious but felt strange. As we live in Aberdeen, we don’t often go out for dinner so it was fun to go out and try something fun (I was less fun, I just had mushroom risotto).

I threw caution to the wind and ordered a dairy laden desert and regretted nothing , it was worth it!

This was such a fun trip and I highly recommend that people enjoy a few days of being a tourist in the city in which they live. This trip happened shortly after my boyfriend and I recovered from covid…9 days after this trip, we tested positive for covid again. Despite being super cautious.