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April Wrap Up

Thank goodness half my reads were electronic because I have rubbish upper body strength and these were heavy!

Well April turned out to be an excellent reading month for me. I was expecting To get through very little due to being super busy with work but I’m also someone who reads more when they’re anxious or stressed. This resulted in me getting through 20 books in April which is frankly quite ridiculous.

This month I read the following, will add links to the relevant blogs (if they exist yet as some reviews won’t be up for a wee while…because I’ve not finished them yet. But they’re all reviewed on my vlog which is at the bottom of this post.

5 💫

The Dark Between the Trees – Fiona Barnett*

Six Crimson Cranes- Elizabeth Lim

This Wicked Fate- Kalynn Bayron* ✨ My Book Recommendation of the Month!

Young Mungo- Douglas Stuart

4 💫

The Confessions of an Alleged Good Girl- Joya Goffney*

Deep Wheel Orcadia- Harry Josephine Giles Review Pending

Hyde- Craig Russell

Life Ceremony- Sayaka Murata*

Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?-Agatha Christie Review Pending

3 💫

Empress Crowned in Red- Ciannon Smart*

A History Maker-Alasdair Gray Review Pending

Open Water – Caleb Azumah Nelson Review Pending

2 💫 (I don’t usually post reviews about books that I award fewer than 3 stars to)

Grave Importance- Vivian Shaw

Madwoman – Louisa Treger*

The Moon, The Stars, and Madame Burova- Ruth Hogan

The Vexed Generation- Scott Meyer

Widowland- C.J. Carey

1 💫

The Assassin King- Elizabeth Haydon

The Island- C.L. Taylor


A is for Arsenic, The Poisons of Agatha Christie- Kathryn Harkup


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Reading Scottish- April Wrap Up

Welcome to my Reading Scottish Wrap Up for April! As you may know, last year I decided to make a conscious effort to read more Scottish fiction. Scotland has produced so many amazing authors and I’m on a quest to make sure that I read some of these novels every month.

Having a wee photo shoot with my books. As one does

It’s been a most excellent reading month for me and Scottish fiction and I’m really excited to share my reads with you!

Scottish reads for April include:

Hyde- Craig Russell

Deep Wheel Orcadia- Harry Josephine Giles

A History Maker-Alasdair Gray

Young Mungo- Douglas Stuart

As always, if you’ve read and enjoyed any Scottish fiction please let me know. I love getting recommendations!

Fingers crossed for another excellent month of Scottish reads in May!

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March Reading Wrap Up

Hello and welcome to my Wrap Up for March. This was a super busy month for me but I somehow managed to get through 21 books and I’m pretty shocked by this!

2 Bookclub Books

5 Audiobooks

2 ebooks

3 Non-Fiction Books

18 Fiction Books

5 💫

✨You Should See Me in a Crown – Leah Johnson🙀/

The Young Team- Graeme Armstrong

4 💫

1984- George Orwell (a reread)

Horrorstör – Grady Hendrix

Agatha Christie: The Killings at Kingfisher Hill- Sophie Hannah

Miss Blaine’s Prefect and the Weird Sisters- Olga Wojtas*

Rizzio- Denise Mina

Vicky Romeo Plus Joolz- Ely Percy

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz- L Frank Baum (a reread)

3 💫

After the Funeral- Agatha Christie

Call Me Maybe – Cara Bastone🙀/

The Christie Affair- Nina De Gramont

Empress and Aniya- Candice Carty-Williams🙀/

2 💫

Fight and Flight- Scott Meyer

The Finalist – Joan Long*

Out of Spite Out of Mind- Scott Meyer

1 💫

How to Murder a Boyband- Jason Roche*

The Lost Daughter – Elena Ferrante


Educated – Tara Westover

84 Charing Cross Road – Helene Hanff

Watching Neighbours Twice a Day- Josh Widdicombe


I’d love to know if you’ve read any of these! Or if you’ve enjoyed any other books lately 💕

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February Wrap Up

Despite February being the tiniest month, I read way more than I did in January. I read 15 fiction books and 1 non-fiction which was pretty surprising to me as I hadn’t been keeping count. Below is the link to my wrap up video which also includes my March TBR. I’ve also popped below a list of the books that I read and their reviews

5 💫
The Bell Jar- Sylvia Plath (this was a reread)

Death on the Nile- Agatha Christie

A Glasgow Kiss- Sophie Gravia – This was my Book of the Month and it’s amazing

My Year of Rest and Relaxation- Ottessa Moshfegh

4 💫
Certain Dark Things- Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Mall You Need is Love- Sarah Robinson*

Miss Blaine’s Prefect and the Vampire Menace- Olga Wojtas

Once Upon a Broken Heart – Stephanie Garber

Pride and Prejudice- Jane Austen (this was a reread)

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie- Muriel Spark

Wyrd Sisters- Terry Pratchett (review pending)

3 💫
Speak Easy- Lori Adams*

2 💫
Meet the Baumgartners- Selena Kitt
Midnight Sun – Stephanie Meyer
The Panopticon- Jenni Fagan


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January Wrap Up

Well January turned out to be a more productive reading month than expected, I finished the month on 13 books. When I say 13, I mean that I had finished 13…I also had 4 other books that had made decent progress in but hadn’t managed to finish. So I’m aiming to have those finished for February and at the time of writing this, I’ve managed to finish one so let’s count that as a success. It very much seems like my month was brought to you by the number 3 as I had 6 books that ended up being 3 star reads. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though.

My wrap up in vlog form

I’m going to post my books, rankings and links to their reviews below. I do want to say that I’ve recently made a conscious effort not to write reviews for books that I’ve rated with 1 or 2 stars because I feel really guilty. So no reviews for the lower rated books but I do mention them on the vlog. I haven’t written a new review for Luckenbooth since my original review back in November but I’ll pop the Reading Scottish link there since I talk about it a lot there.

5 💫
Under the Whispering Door- TJ Klune✨

4 💫
Luckenbooth-Jenni Fagan
The Man in the Brown Suit- Agatha Christie
Scabby Queen- Kirstin Innes
Secrets of the Last Merfolk- Lindsay Littleson

3 💫
An Unwelcome Quest- Scott Meyer
Call of the Penguins-Hazel Prior
Double Deception – Barbara Angela Kealy*
Faery Tales of the Future- Kate Phyre*
The Hiding Place- Jenny Quintana*
The Second Worst Restaurant in France- Alexander McCall Smith

2 💫
The Sanatorium- Sarah Pearse

1 💫
Velocity of a Secret – Violet Marsh*


I forgot to say that I didn’t review my short story 3 star read of Faery Tales of the Future because every time I tried to write a review it ended up having spoilers. I just couldn’t find a way to write about it without ruining it for anyone who may pick it up and I don’t want to be that person.

How was your January in books? I’d love to know how you got on and what your favourite book was. My favourite book of the January (also known as Caley’s Book Recommendation of the Month That Nobody Asked For) was Under The Whispering Door by TJ Klune. It gave me everything I wanted and everything I needed.

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2021 Wrap Up

What a year 2021 has been! I have a tendency to read more during times of stress or anxiety and in 2021 I made my way through 202 books. This is a stupidly large number of books and is o way sustainable I will no be aiming for anywhere near this number of books any time soon. My Goodreads goal for 2021 was actually 60 which I reach somewhere around Easter but I chose not to change my target so that I could feel a sense of accomplishment by meeting my goal so early in the year.

My fun stats are as follows:
202 Books
63,928 pages
Average Book Rating of 3.6 Stars

I’ve either had a smashing year or have been extra kind with my ratings. I think it may be a little of both as I do tend to round up rather than down.

When it came to picking my favourite reads of the year, I honestly thought that it would be as simple as just looking at my top read of each month…it was not that simple though! I knew that I didn’t want to include a reread in my top reads of the year and I was also positive that I wanted to have a top 10. I also had gone slightly off of one of my top picks since reading more books in the series plus I had 5 more books that I wanted to include. So suddenly my Top Ten had become a Top Fourteen. The easiest part was whistling this down to ten and honestly, deciding my Top Ten took me the best part of December!

My Top 10 Reads of 2021
(My copy of Duck Feet is currently on loan which is why it’s not in the stack)

As you can see, my Top Ten includes 7 Reads of the Month plus 3 books that I just couldn’t stop thinking about and very much deserved to be in my Top Ten. It’s pretty cool to see three authors on my 2021 Top Ten who were on my 2020 Top Thirteen (2020 was a tough year, I didn’t have the energy to whittle it down to just 10): Lucy Foley, Ayisha Malik, and L.L. McKinney have done it again.

If you want to see which book took which spot, this is all in the video below. but if you just want to know which book took my Number One spot…keep scrolling down past the video and all will be revealed. I honestly knew straight away that this book was going to be at least in my Top Four. I almost just went with a Top Three but then I had two books sharing a spot and Top Four felt weird.

My 2021 Wrap Up and Top Ten Reads of the Year

My winner of Caley’s Book of the Year goes to…

My Number One Book of 2021
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December Wrap Up

Well it seems like all I did in December was read and eat festive food. I read 22 books in December (and ate about 220 candy canes).

At the start of December I checked my Goodreads 2021 challenge for the first time in ages and saw that if I read 20 books in December, I could end the year on 200 books. I liked the idea of that so decided to set myself a little goal of reading 20 books in December. This was a pretty big feat since I didn’t start my Christmas break until the afternoon of Christmas Eve.

I managed to read 22 books in December which is just as big a shock to me as it is to anyone else. One of my books was only 36 pages but it was a super festive book and I’m still counting it.

It was impossible to hold all of my December reads without looking pained

I had a really good reading month, not just in terms of quantity, the quality was super high! In December I do like to reread my Christmas favourites so The Adventures of the Christmas Pudding, A Christmas Carol, and Hercule Poirot’s Christmas were guaranteed 5 star reads for me. I was so happy to find that I had more 5 star reads in December too!

For the rest of my reads, my ratings were as follows:

5 Stars

A Boy Called Christmas by Matt Haig
Hogfather by Terry Pratchett
The 13 Yule Lads of Iceland by Brian Pilkington
The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley*

4 Stars

Away With the Penguins by Hazel Prior
The Christmas Bookshop by Jenny Colgan
The Enchanted Sonata by Heather Dixon Wallwork
Equal Rights by Terry Pratchett
Snow-Kissed Proposals by Jenni Fletcher and Elisabeth Hobbes
# FollowMe for Murder – Sarah E Burr *

3 Stars

Christmas at the Beach Hut- Veronica Henry
Christmas at Little Beach Street Bakery- Jenny Colgan
Midnight in Everwood- M.A. Kuzniar

2 Stars

The Chalet – Catherine Cooper
A Christmas to Remember- Anton du Beke
Clara at Christmas- Lacey London
Miss Blaine’s Prefect and the Golden Samovar- Olga Wojtas
Stalker- Lisa Stone

1 Star

Twelve Slays of Christmas- Jacqueline Frost
A Merry Little Christmas- Julia Williams

My Book Recommendation of the month aka #caleysbookrecommendationofthemonththatnobodyaskedfor was Hogfather as this book was just utterly magical and whimsical and I think it’s going to be a new annual festive reread!

December’s Book of the Month

* These books were ARCS received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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Reading Christie 2021

This year I took part in the Read Christie 2021 challenge and what fun I had. I am such a huge fan of Agatha Christie and really enjoyed having a monthly theme!

Just hanging out with my Read Christie stack

Of the 12 dedicated reads of 2021, I had 4 Four Star Reads and 8 Five Star reads!

My reading also included two of my top five favourite Agatha Christie books! Since I had so many high rated reads during this challenge, I decided to rank them from least favourite (which was still a 4 star read!) to favourite and here’s the video to prove it! The reason for this? Absolutely no reason, I just thought it would be fun.

One day I will rank all of the Agatha Christie books but that’s a task for me of the future and not me of the present.

Happy viewing!

Ranking my Read Christie 2021 reads
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Reading Scottish- November Wrap Up

Happy St. Andrew’s Day!

It felt like the perfect day to do a wrap up of all of my Scottish Reads from this month, so here is my wrap up video

I read 4 books by Scottish authors this month which feels pretty good:

Duck Feet Ely Percy (Rating of 5/5)
The Gracekeepers Kirsty Logan (Rating of 5/5)
Luckenbooth Jenni Fagan (Rating of 3/5 and a promise of a reread)
Pine Francine Toon (Rating of 4/5)

I’m planning to read Christmassy/winters books by Scottish authors in December so any recommendations will be greatly appreciated!

On a side note, I don’t think I sound this Scottish in real life