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May Wrap Up

May was another slower reading month for me. I’m still reading a little slower than I was last year but that’s ok. Reading isn’t a competitive sport, I just have so many books I want to read! When filming this, I thought my hair looked cute. I’ve been humbled I read the following books… Continue reading May Wrap Up

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April Wrap Up

April was a slower reading month for me as I ended the month with 9 completed books. While this is an excellent number of books to finish in one month, this was the lowest number of books that I’d read since February 2020! Wrap up: favourites and stats I had an excellent amount of… Continue reading April Wrap Up

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March Wrap Up

March was a bit of a slower reading month for me. The end of the financial year makes my working life way busier and more draining which allows for less time/energy for reading. I read the following: 1 audiobooks 4 ebooks 3 nonfictionbooks 10 fictionbooks So glad I can hold my TBR stack this… Continue reading March Wrap Up

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February Wrap Up

I had a little bit of a slower reading month in February but I found some absolute gems! I loved 😻Bunny - Mona Awad Caraval - Stephanie Garber Untamed Shore - Silvia Moreno-Garcia* I liked 😸 The Ministry of Unladylike Activity- Robin Stevens The No Attraction Agreement - Nicki Bell… Continue reading February Wrap Up

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January Wrap Up

Here’s my January wrap up! It was a busy wee month for me and I got through 17 books which was way more than I expected My wrap up vlog 💕 I loved 😻 Before Again - Claire S Duffy* Killers of a Certain Age - Deanna Raybourn Legends and Lattes- Travis Baldree… Continue reading January Wrap Up

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Sadie, Call the Polis

In 1976, a heatwave hot enough to melt concrete punishes Scotland. While everything burns, a woman arrives in Little Denny Road with a set of keys for her new council flat. She isn’t alone. Her two daughters are always by her side, except at night when they watch their mother drive off in a stranger’s… Continue reading Sadie, Call the Polis

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2022 Wrap Up – Reading Stats and Favourites

Once it hits 29th-31st December my reading is all about finishing off any books that are partially read. I don’t want to carry a book through years, it makes me feel uncomfortable. So I tidied up my active reading list, by reading them, and this allowed me to choose my favourite books of the year.… Continue reading 2022 Wrap Up – Reading Stats and Favourites

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A Year of Reading Agatha Christie

This year I participated in Read Christie again this year and it was so much fun having a set read to enjoy. I also enjoyed being able to chat about each read when the month came to an end. Of course, I had to rank them. Nobody asked for this but I did it anyway.… Continue reading A Year of Reading Agatha Christie

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November Wrap Up

November didn’t get off to the best start for me. I found myself in a big reading slump and just couldn’t concentrate for long and didn’t feel compelled to pick up any books. I knew it was coming, I could feel a reading slump on the air! The slump started to ease towards the middle… Continue reading November Wrap Up