Strong Female Character

For my March Reading Scottish Wrap Up, I’m doing things a little bit differently. Purely because I read 3 Scottish books but really disliked one of them. So I wanted to focus on the positives, I chose to chat about my favourite Scottish read!

This book deserved a dedicated vlog!

I so rarely read non fiction but March really has been the month for non fiction!

I preordered Strong Female Character over a year before it was released. This was purely due to how much I enjoyed Fern Brady as a comedian, I was so excited to read whatever they wrote. This book did not disappoint!

This took me on a roller coaster of emotions. I actually guffawed at points which helped when the book covered some tougher elements.

I feel like I’ve come away knowing more about autism as I didn’t know a great deal before picking up this book. The mark of a good non fiction, I think, is to teach you something or to make you want to learn something. This book did that for me.

I hugely recommend this book, even if you’re not aware of this comedian, I think you might grow pretty fond of Fern! I actually listened to the audiobook while reading along, like a book on tape! This made for a really enjoyable reading experience as I really enjoy memoirs as read by the subject themselves.