My Favourite Spooky Books

I am willing to admit that when it comes to the seasons, I am basic. So basic. I love autumn, I get excited about the leaves turning brown, and the abundance of cinnamon in treats.

I also love Halloween! Im a huge wuss though and as mush as I love watching spooky films, I have to look up the spoilers of any new scary films first. I also absolutely adore reading my favourite spooky books. I call them ‘spooky bookies’ because who can resist a rhyme? Especially in October when I sounds like part of a spell or something.

My favourite spooky books

These are my favourite spooky season books, the books that I look forward to rereading every October. Sometimes I don’t get to them all but I usually reread at least half of these annually. I adore a good gothic horror and for me, that means looking to my classic shelf,

I am always on the lookout for recommendations for gothic horrors. I’ve read a few excellent recently release gothic horrors and am hopeful that soon I can give a list of my favourites which will include some books from this century!