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Autumn Mixtape Readathon Results

I am a huge lover of autumn. I’m a sucker for a cosy knit, cinnamon, soups, and falling leaves. My favourite colour is also mustard yellow (and green), so autumn just speaks to my soul. So when four of my favourite instagrammers, three of whom are also my favourite YouTubers (one isn’t on there, otherwise I bet they’d be a favourite too), announced that they were doing an autumnal themed readathon…I was in!

Spoiler: I read all of my prompts 💕

These are the books that I read and chat about in my vlog:

Hex Appeal – Kate Johnson*

The Girls Who Disappeared- Claire Douglas*

Her Majesty’s Royal Coven – Juno Dawson

All the White Spaces – Ally Wilkes

Powers of Darkness – Valdimar Ásmundsson

If you have seen any of my previous vlogs, you may notice that these were not the five books that I’d planned to read. I swapped two and I regret nothing!

I love a themed readathon and finishing these books left me feeling very accomplished. However, next time I will try to avoid picking multiple 400 page books because I was concerned that I may not get them all finished.

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Read the Rainbowthon Reading Vlog

I have had such a fun time taking part in Roll the Rainbowthon 🌈 and read more than expected which made me very pleased. So this week I took part in a Readathon which is one of my favourite things. I love a themed reading week!

I drank a lot more coffee this week than the thumbnail suggests 😸

I may have also found a new favourite book which is always lovely 💕

Who could have imagined that I would read and love another Silvia Moreno-Garcia book..? Everyone! I love this author and she did it again with Signal to Noise.

I managed to get through four books this week which was more than expected. There was no chance of me getting through the six books I’d hoped to read but four feels very good.

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September Reading Goals

I don’t usually do anything fun when deciding my reading goals for the month. I basically choose a day to pick a bunch of books that I fancy reading soon, add any books I need to read for readalongs and that’s basically it.

September is a little different as I got to have some fun picking my TBR pile. There are two different TBR games that I am participating in this month as two creators over on YouTube are opening up their TBR games and I just had to join in. I do love a TBR game!

Timings and links to creators

Setting my ridiculous reading goals

First up, I’m joining in with Becca’s Bookopoly and playing Bookoplathon. This is a month long list of intended reads. I decided to roll as many times as it took me to do a loop of the board, this ended up being eight rolls.

Secondly, I’m joining in with Christy Reads’ Roll the Rainbowthon which lasts one week of September. I’ve ended up with six options, most of which overlap with my Bookoplathon picks because no way will I be able to read six books in one week!

So I ended up with eleven books…but this isn’t my full TBR . I have my Agatha Christie pick for Read Christie and a book tour, plus I have another four books that I have been planning to read in September. This brings my total number of books I plan to read in September up to seventeen and over 5,000 pages.

Doable? Who knows! All I know is that I’m giddy with excitement about reading all of my hopefuls so I feel like September is going to be a good month.


I Finished a Readathon and Feel Very Accomplished

The Summer Mixtape Readathon is over and these are my results. I ended up getting The Rona in the last week of July, I’ve been struggling to read as much as I usually would, so I was worried that I may not manage to finish this readathon as intended. I didn’t manage the 5 books that I’d planned to read but I did read 5 separate books so I count this as a win!

My wee Vlog, I’m so proud!

This vlog features the following books:

The Cats We Meet Along the Way by Nadia Mikail

Love & Gelato- Jenna Evans Welch

The Daughter of Doctor Moreau- Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Some books were enjoyed more than others but I ended up achieving my goals so I’m so happy with this!

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Reading Vlog

This last week I have been participating in the Summer Mixtape Readathon. This has been such a fun week and I’m so excited that there’s one more week to go.

My weekly reading vlog

This readathon involves reading books that match up to some very summery songs. I’m not a summer loving person, so this has been an excellent way of feeling involved in the summer excitement that my friends have had.

Unfortunately, shortly after filming my previous vlog, I tested positive for coronavirus. This meant that I didn’t manage to read as much as I usually would. However, I did manage to read two books which ticked off 2/5 of the book related prompts so I’m very much on track! Plus, the two books that I read also technically tick two more of the prompts so I’m entering a new week feeling very positive about reaching my reading goals.

The Readathon Prompts