April has not been a good reading month for me, my wrap up will be up later this week. I had read the fewest books since pre-pandemic! Going into my May TBR game, I was worried! https://youtu.be/gsC3u2dxURs A stack bigger than my head I have a lot of bigger books that I’m excited to read… Continue reading May TBR

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Book Shopping

These last few weeks have been so stressful, the end of the financial year is not a fun time. I decided that I deserved to treat myself to some new books to try to compensate for all the stress I’ve been feeling under. https://youtu.be/TMabXy-h3mY I can hold them all so it wasn’t too bad! Do… Continue reading Book Shopping


April TBR

March has been a month! I am so happy for March to be ending although April is also going to be stressful. I love selecting my monthly TBR and I’m still loving using my TBR game to do it. https://youtu.be/lxtzjkJSels The dice were very kind to me! Basically I have made a board and some… Continue reading April TBR

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Reading The Highest and Lowest Rated Books On My TBR

This week I decided to read both the highest and lowest rated books on my unread pile. My never ending and ever growing unread pile! The highest rated book that I owned (according to Goodreads) was The Ministry of Unladylike Activity by Robin Stevens. Having previously read 4 books by this author, I was excited!… Continue reading Reading The Highest and Lowest Rated Books On My TBR


February TBR Goals

This year I started deciding my TBR with the help of my TBR game. This game is still in beta mode while I iron out any issues. This was my second play of the game and it’s still very fun for me. https://youtu.be/0WyI54180ac At least I can hold my intended reads I’m so excited to… Continue reading February TBR Goals


Reading Goals for 2023

One of my favourite things about the new year is setting some fresh goals. https://youtu.be/QfrSxLgm3Vc Setting some goals that I hope to achieve 🤞 Last year I set far too many specific goals which ended up being a little unachievable. I’ve learned my lesson and am still setting a lot of goals but they are… Continue reading Reading Goals for 2023


January TBR

With the start of a new year comes the start of a new way of selecting my monthly TBR. I’ve been working on this game for a good while and I’m ready to beta test it and I had a great time doing so! https://youtu.be/IjYF4OHioLQ I’m very excited about this TBR! Basically I roll the… Continue reading January TBR


Book Shopping in the Sales

For the last few years, my Boxing Day highlight has been the Waterstones sale which gives 50% off of hardbacks . This year was no different. https://youtu.be/X22o6ixrWm8 Hello new books! I was very lucky and received some money for Christmas. That became ‘book money’ which let me approach the sales feeling poised and ready to… Continue reading Book Shopping in the Sales

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December Reading Goals

It’s the last month of the year and I had two choices: I could either spend the month finishing off the books from my 2022 reading challenges or I could do something fun. Seeing as I had 23 books left from various 2022 challenges, I went for the ‘something fun’ option. In any other month,… Continue reading December Reading Goals