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September Wrap Up

September was feeling very kind to me and decided to make up for the last two month being a little underwhelming. This was very much appreciated!

I finished 15 books this month, 14 fiction and 1 non fiction

Can you tell that I couldn’t hold my pile of read books?

I loved

The Beautiful Ones- Silvia Moreno-Garcia https://kapowskireads.com/2022/10/01/the-beautiful-ones/

Plain Bad Heroines – Emily M. Danforth https://kapowskireads.com/2022/09/12/plain-bad-heroines/

Signal to Noise- Silvia Moreno-Garcia https://kapowskireads.com/2022/09/28/signal-to-noise/

I liked

Ace of Spades- Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé https://kapowskireads.com/2022/09/21/ace-of-spades/

The Hatmakers- Tamzin Merchant https://kapowskireads.com/2022/09/26/read-the-rainbowthon-reading-vlog/

Hear No Evil – Sarah Smith https://kapowskireads.com/2022/09/10/hear-no-evil/

The Last Graduate – Naomi Novik (book 2 in a series)

Meantime- Frankie Boyle https://kapowskireads.com/2022/09/14/meantime/

The Sound of Sirens – Ewan Gault https://kapowskireads.com/2022/09/07/sound-of-sirens/

They Came to Baghdad- Agatha Christie

The Wolf Hunters- Amanda Mitchison https://kapowskireads.com/2022/09/19/reading-scottish-bloody-scotland-debut-fiction/

Not For Me

Daughter of Darkness- Katharine and Elizabeth Corr

The Girl, The Crow, The Writer, and The Fighter- George Paterson

Welcome to Cooper- Tariq Ashkanani

Non-Fiction 👩‍🎓

I’m Glad My Mom Died – Jennette McCurdy✨


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September Reading Goals

I don’t usually do anything fun when deciding my reading goals for the month. I basically choose a day to pick a bunch of books that I fancy reading soon, add any books I need to read for readalongs and that’s basically it.

September is a little different as I got to have some fun picking my TBR pile. There are two different TBR games that I am participating in this month as two creators over on YouTube are opening up their TBR games and I just had to join in. I do love a TBR game!

Timings and links to creators

Setting my ridiculous reading goals

First up, I’m joining in with Becca’s Bookopoly and playing Bookoplathon. This is a month long list of intended reads. I decided to roll as many times as it took me to do a loop of the board, this ended up being eight rolls.

Secondly, I’m joining in with Christy Reads’ Roll the Rainbowthon which lasts one week of September. I’ve ended up with six options, most of which overlap with my Bookoplathon picks because no way will I be able to read six books in one week!

So I ended up with eleven books…but this isn’t my full TBR . I have my Agatha Christie pick for Read Christie and a book tour, plus I have another four books that I have been planning to read in September. This brings my total number of books I plan to read in September up to seventeen and over 5,000 pages.

Doable? Who knows! All I know is that I’m giddy with excitement about reading all of my hopefuls so I feel like September is going to be a good month.


My 5 Star Predictions

I’m feeling a bit of a reading slump come on. In the last week, I just haven’t felt like reading much. In order to combat this, I’ve decided to read some of my 5 Star Predictions. I’m hopeful that I will just enjoy a bunch of excellent reads and truly combat the dreaded slump!

I have chosen five books that I think are going to be 5 star reads and I’m planning to read them. Hopefully I find a new favourite or two!

This week’s blog is all about my predictions and why I chose them. I’m no Walter Mercado or Mystic Meg but I’m feeling really positive about them all.

Here I talk about why I chose each of my predictions

My 5 Star Predictions are:

The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes by Suzanne Collins

Medusa by Jessie Burton

Ariadne by Jennifer Saint

Goldilocks by Laura Lam

The Castaways by Lucy Clarke

If you’ve read any of these, I’d love to know how you got on!


Reading The Highest and Lowest Rated Books On My TBR

My mum always told me to have my own opinions and not to follow the trends…so I took that mentality to Goodreads and read my highest and lowest rated books (from my TBR that I already own). I had some pretty unexpected results!

This week’s vlog is all about the highest and lowest rated books from my TBR

Books read in this vlog :

🔫 The Man Who Died Twice by Richard Osman. This was the highest rated book on my TBR. The second instalment of The Thursday Murder Club. I preordered this book shortly after reading The Thursday Murder Club, even before a blurb or title was available.

🍇 Adults by Emma Jane Unsworth. This was the lowest rated book on my TBR. A novel about a woman in her mid 30s who was sort of falling apart and then her whirlwind of a mother moved in with her. I’d been wanting to read this for quite a while.

This was a very fun little experience and I can see me repeating it again sometime.

Do you feel influenced by Goodreads Ratings?


Reading Goals Update

Back in January I set myself some reading goals which included reading 22 specific books during 2022. Since we’re now into the second quarter of the year, I thought I’d take a look at my progress so far. My progress was not good. Clearly I forgot which books I had intended to read as I’d only read two…whoops!

My lofty goals, sadly ignored

So I decided to read 4 books from my list of 22 in order to catch up. This week I read the following books;

📚Widowland by C.J. Carey

🔮The Moon, The Stars, and Madame Burova by Ruth Hogan

🐉Six Crimson Cranes by Elizabeth Lim


🏝The Island by C.L. Taylor

If you fancy hearing how I got one with these books, I’ve vlogged about them below


Going on a Book Buying Ban?

My boyfriend recently bought me some new book shelves. Like the modern millennial version of Beauty and the Beast when Beast gives Belle a library. I was delighted! So we built the bookshelves and I managed to put books on the shelves so that they weren’t just piled onto every surface in our home. Unfortunately it turns out that my book collection was a bit too large to put everything neatly onto the shelves.

I recently received 6 absolutely stunning Wordsworth Classic editions of the Sherlock Holmes books and I have nowhere to put them. All of my bookshelves are now full! So I have decided to go on a 1 year Book Buying Ban.

At the time of deciding to embark on this ban, which is less a ban and more an extreme limitation in book purchasing, I owned 124 unread books. 124! No wonder I couldn’t fit all of my books onto the shelves with this hefty TBR collection. I have decided to really focus on reading books that I own.

Of course there are exceptions which are: I can buy the book for my two bookclubs (if I can’t get a library copy in time for the discussion) and I can continue to purchase the monthly Agatha Christie book as I really want to build up my Agatha Christie collection. My Agatha Christie books have their own dedicated bookshelf so there is space for new additions.

I’m not trying to punish myself, I just want to make some space and leave no book behind. However I don’t want to feel like I can’t buy anything at all…so for every 10 books that I read from my TBR, I will allow myself to buy 1 book. Kind of like a coffee shop reward scheme

I even made a wee reward card!

The goal is to be able to fit all of my books onto my shelves. It’s an admirable goal.

I totally acknowledge my privilege in being able to be in a position where I am able to declare that I’m not buying any books because I’ve bought too many. Books are the only thing I splurge on but I know that I am fortunate in being able to have bought all of these books in the first place.


Glasgow Book Haul

I recently went to Glasgow for a wee trip. My friends and I got tickets to see My Dad Wrote a Porno back in 2019 and after many reschedules, the day finally came to see the show! So I hopped down to Glasgow (by ‘hopped’ I mean, ‘took a 3.5 hour bus trip) and managed to give myself a whole day to go book shopping! I fully intended to buy many books and I did! I ended up bringing back 16 books and I’m so excited about every one!

My vlog where I share my new books

I lived in Glasgow for 10 years but I left so many years ago that I wasn’t sure if any of my favourite book shops were still open. I asked friends for recommendations of where to buy books and the overwhelming majority suggested Category Is Books and Outwith Books, so I had to pay a visit to each of those places.

I went to the following bookshops in Glasgow:

South Side

Category Is Books

34 Allison St, Glasgow G42 8NN

Outwith Books

14 Albert Rd, Glasgow G42 8DN

West End

Oxfam Books

330 Byres Rd, Glasgow G12 8AP

City Centre


153-157 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow G2 3EW


Buchanan Bus Station

I think that it will be a while before I do anymore book shopping, other than bookclub books, as I’ve got no space left on my bookshelves and I’ve no idea where to put these new purchases. I regret nothing!

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February Reading Goals/Intentions

I am so late to planning my February reading. I am a person who very much needs a plan and every month I find myself getting mildly stressed about my TBR. This month I tried to plan my TBR slightly differently and and possibly totally over-planned but I’m feeling pretty good about my February reading goals as I’ve sort of given myself reading intentions which doesn’t include specific books but the chosen books relate to a specific goal of mine. I’m excited to see if this way of forward planning works for me

TBR and Reading Intention Vlog

The books I’m planning to read this month are based on the following reading intentions:

I really want to read more Classics. With the exception of my festive rereads, and some october rereads, I don’t feel like I read a lot of Classics last year. I really enjoy reading Classics and I joined a reading group with the aim of reading a Classic every month. The pick for February is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen so I will be aiming to read that book this month.

Next up is a romance that I put aside with the aim of reading it in February. This was based 100% on this book being a romance. I have chosen to aim to read A Glasgow Kiss by Sophie Gravia. I’ve heard a lot of excellent things about this book and as it’s based in Glasgow, I’m so keen to give it a read.

I then chose a book that has been on my TBR for literally months, honestly I’ve been aiming to read this book for about 6 months…it remains unread. So with the aim of leaving no book behind on the TBR, I’m planning to (finally) read My Year of Rest and Relaxation by Ottessa Moshfegh.

In the last few weeks I have seen multiple recommendations to read The Panopticon by Jenni Fagan. This all came about because of The Scottish Bookclub, we read Luckenbooth by Jenni Fagan in January and a few people mentioned that they wanted to read more books by the author. Flash forward a couple of weeks and it now feels like I’m the only one who hasn’t read it and it sounds amazing. So I’m giving into the best kind of peer pressure-book recommendation peer pressure.

While reviewing my Year in Books 2021, I noticed that I’d barely read any rereads. Usually when I love a book, I want to read it again and again and again. Not straight away but maybe a year or two later. So I’m hoping to dedicate time to enjoying a reread every month this year. Last month I reread Luckenbooth by Jennni Fagan and this month I plan and hope to reread The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. I have adored that book since I first read it in 1999 when I was 13 (in the vlog I say I was 14 because I thought that 10 Things I Hate About You came out in 2000 but it was a year earlier. I bought the book immediately after watching the first showing of the film in Galashiels).

I am loving joining in with Read Christie 2022 and the February pick is Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie. Probably because the film came out this month. I also plan to go to the cinema (if cases here are low enough to feel safe to stay socially distanced). To say that I’m excited about rereading this book would be an understatement, I utterly adore this book!

My final intention of February is to finish a book that I’ve been reading since September. September! I’ve been reading this book for 5 months and still have about a small novel worth of pages left to go. But I’m ready for this book to be read, the book in question is Midnight Sun by Stephanie Meyer. My sister and I used to read the Twilight series together and chat about the books. When this book came out in 2020 I felt a bit weird about reading it as my sister passed away in 2013 so it felt strange to finish the series without her. Then I thought some more about it and spoke to my mum about it and she thought that my sister would have wanted us to finish the series together so I’m finishing it for the both of us. It totally counts!

A TBR almost the size of my head

How do you plan your monthly reading? Do you overthink it, like me? I’ve been thinking about making a TBR game because I enjoy whimsy and leaving it to the fates. The drama of having no control both appeals and terrifies me!

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Book Series I Want to Finish in 2022

Hands up if you enjoy starting a new series, read a few books, then get distracted and forget to go back to the series?

I love a good series! if given the option of a series or a standalone, I feel more drawn to a series…and yet I’m so bad for actually finishing them. I have taken a note of all of my active series and I think I have 28 active series right now, although I’m super sure that I’ve missed a few off of my list because I thought I had many more. This year, I have set myself some pretty lofty goals of finishing 5 of my active series.

My wee vlog of the series I want to finish this year

I had originally thought of putting the Symphony of Ages series by Elizabeth Haydon on this list since it is a 9 book series of which I’m 5 books deep after reading those books in 2021. However I only own book 6 and books 7-9 are really difficult to get in the UK. It would cost around £100 to get the last three books and I thought that seemed a bit silly when I own many books that would allow me to complete other book series. So I chose my 5 series based on books that I already own since I just need to read books that I already own…should be an achievable goal!

So, the 5 series that I’m aiming to finish this year are:

Crowther and Westerman by Imogen Robertson – 2 books left to read

Dr Greta Helsing by Vivian Shaw- 1 book left to read

Magic 2.0 by Scott Meyer- 4 books left to read

The Vampire Genevieve by Kim Newman/Jack Yeovil- 2 books left to read

The Witches Series by Terry Pratchett- 5 books left to read

I’d love to know if any of you have read and enjoyed any of these series? Or are aiming to finish some of your own active book series.

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22 to Read in 2022

Happy New Year! Yes I know it’s so late in the year to be saying that but I realised I didn’t actually wish anyone a Happy New Year-how rude of me!

I have so many goals this year! Most of my goals involve using things that I already have such as; painting some more of my Nighthaunt army, lots of crafty goals…and actually reading books that I own. I’m not going to pretend that I won’t buy more books (I will. I’ve already got many preorders for 2022) but I do aim to read more of the books that have spent the last year waiting for their chance to shine. My goal is to read 22 specific books from my own shelves. Here’s my wee video where I chat about my 22 in 2022 picks (I’ve also popped a list of them right at the end of this post for anyone who doesn’t want to listen to my shrillness)

My blethering through my 22 in 2022

I aim to read 120 books in 2022 so having 22 books preset seems good, like it will help me with my monthly TBR. January has no TBR as I took so long picking my 22, I feel very out of control without a plan

I feel like I’ve got a pretty good selection and a variety of genres and themes so I’m feeling really good about them…I may feel differently in a few months. If you’ve read any of these books, I’d love to hear recommendations of books to move right to the top of my pile!