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May Wrap Up

May was another slower reading month for me. I’m still reading a little slower than I was last year but that’s ok. Reading isn’t a competitive sport, I just have so many books I want to read! When filming this, I thought my hair looked cute. I’ve been humbled I read the following books… Continue reading May Wrap Up

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Finding a New Favourite Non Fiction Book

This reading Vlog covers my read for the last week which includes 3 books from my May TBR pile. I’m very proud of myself for actually attempting my massive TBR pile and for picking up a hefty book of over 500 pages. I couldn’t resist the ‘Girl Power’ pose for this thumbnail I also… Continue reading Finding a New Favourite Non Fiction Book

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Spring Cleaning – An Unhaul

I have reached the stage where I am officially out of shelf space! I have bookshelves in my bedroom for my read books (and all non fiction). In my living room I have some space for my unread physical books. However, each of these shelves are pretty jam packed. 30 Books Unhauled So, in… Continue reading Spring Cleaning – An Unhaul

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The Honeys

After a somewhat lacklustre reading month in April, I started the month with one of my most anticipated reads of 2023. This book also counted for my May prompt for Kayla’s Buzzword (flavours). So I was absolutely delighted to start the month by finding a new 5 star read and book I’m already looking forward… Continue reading The Honeys

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April Wrap Up

April was a slower reading month for me as I ended the month with 9 completed books. While this is an excellent number of books to finish in one month, this was the lowest number of books that I’d read since February 2020! Wrap up: favourites and stats I had an excellent amount of… Continue reading April Wrap Up



April has not been a good reading month for me, my wrap up will be up later this week. I had read the fewest books since pre-pandemic! Going into my May TBR game, I was worried! A stack bigger than my head I have a lot of bigger books that I’m excited to read… Continue reading May TBR

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Reading Scottish Wrap Up- April

While this month has been a bit of a slower reading month for me, I still managed to read some Scottish fiction. I’m super passionate about reading Scottish fiction because we have so many amazing authors and there are so many literary gems just waiting to be found! My Reading Scottish Vlog I read… Continue reading Reading Scottish Wrap Up- April

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Bank Holiday Reading Vlog – A Weekend of Slashers and Mystery

What better use of my bank holiday long weekend than to spend it reading books? Going into the bank holiday weekend, I hadn’t finished one single book but I managed to finish 3 over the long weekend. Such a fun reading weekend I accidentally themed my reading around murder, people not being who they… Continue reading Bank Holiday Reading Vlog – A Weekend of Slashers and Mystery

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March Wrap Up

March was a bit of a slower reading month for me. The end of the financial year makes my working life way busier and more draining which allows for less time/energy for reading. I read the following: 1 audiobooks 4 ebooks 3 nonfictionbooks 10 fictionbooks So glad I can hold my TBR stack this… Continue reading March Wrap Up


April TBR

March has been a month! I am so happy for March to be ending although April is also going to be stressful. I love selecting my monthly TBR and I’m still loving using my TBR game to do it. The dice were very kind to me! Basically I have made a board and some… Continue reading April TBR