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Susan had never hung up a stocking . She’d never put a tooth under her pillow in the serious expectation that a dentally inclined fairy would turn up. It wasn’t that her parents didn’t believe in such things. They didn’t need to believe in them. They know they existed. They just wished they didn’t.

There are those who believe and those who don’t. Through the ages, superstition has had its uses. Nowhere more so than in the Discworld where it’s helped to maintain the status quo. Anything that undermines superstition has to be viewed with some caution. There may be consequences, particularly on the last night of the year when the time is turning. When those consequences turn out to be the end of the world, you need to be prepared. You might even want more standing between you and oblivion than a mere slip of a girl – even if she has looked Death in the face on numerous occasions…

This was my first Terry Pratchett and it won’t be my last. This book gave me all the festive whimsy that I was looking for and I gave it 5 stars.

I totally appreciate that it may seem weird to choose the 20th book as my starting block but I was reliably informed that I could jump in at any point in the series and find my way. I did find myself wishing that I’d read another of the death books first as I did find myself to be a little disoriented at first but that may just be due to being new to the entire Discworld…world. This disorientation didn’t last long though.

This book was a wild ride from start to finish! It really read like an epic journey.

There were so many characters and each felt well rounded and interesting in their own way. My introduction to Susan was as a nanny wielding a crowbar, definitely a character I wanted to continue reading about. Death was definitely my favourite character! He was an absolute scamp and just wanted everyone to believe in the Hogfather. I do enjoy a festive read that encourages people to believe in magic and good things. I kept laughing every time Death said ‘Ho, Ho, Ho’.

The world building of this book was just magnificent! My knowledge of the Discworld prior to reading this book was literally based off of a one time play of the Discworld board game (7/8 years ago!). This book really did a great job at explaining the world and I was initially worried that I’d be lost but that wasn’t the case. I really did enjoy Death’s homestead.

This book really did have so many pieces of humour and I laughed so much during this read.

As weird as it sounds, this book really filled me with Christmas warm and fuzzies. It was such a heartwarming and entertaining read. I really enjoyed Death filling in for the Hogfather as the whole concept of a death figure posing as Santa sounded hilarious and it was. This book was surprisingly deep too as I honestly was’t sure what I was getting myself into.

I read a physical copy of this book with the audiobook accompanying me. I felt like that was the perfect way for me to enjoy this book as the narration was just perfect.

I already plan to read this book again, next December as I feel that I’ll get even more out of it in future reads. This book may make it onto my list of books that I reread every December! I’m very excited to find more Terry Pratchett books to read, especially the books with Death and Susan!

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