Glasgow Book Haul

I recently went to Glasgow for a wee trip. My friends and I got tickets to see My Dad Wrote a Porno back in 2019 and after many reschedules, the day finally came to see the show! So I hopped down to Glasgow (by ‘hopped’ I mean, ‘took a 3.5 hour bus trip) and managed to give myself a whole day to go book shopping! I fully intended to buy many books and I did! I ended up bringing back 16 books and I’m so excited about every one!

My vlog where I share my new books

I lived in Glasgow for 10 years but I left so many years ago that I wasn’t sure if any of my favourite book shops were still open. I asked friends for recommendations of where to buy books and the overwhelming majority suggested Category Is Books and Outwith Books, so I had to pay a visit to each of those places.

I went to the following bookshops in Glasgow:

South Side

Category Is Books

34 Allison St, Glasgow G42 8NN

Outwith Books

14 Albert Rd, Glasgow G42 8DN

West End

Oxfam Books

330 Byres Rd, Glasgow G12 8AP

City Centre


153-157 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow G2 3EW


Buchanan Bus Station

I think that it will be a while before I do anymore book shopping, other than bookclub books, as I’ve got no space left on my bookshelves and I’ve no idea where to put these new purchases. I regret nothing!

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