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The No Texting Policy

I haven’t done the maths but I’m fairly certain that Nicki Bell is my go to author for a sweet wee romance. That was exactly what I was looking for. This has been a stressful month so I needed something light and this book delivered.

I enjoyed the characters.Kayleigh and Jordan were grumpy/sunshine which is my preferred romance trope. However, they were also a second chance romance as they’d known each other as teenagers.

The two protagonists worked together and I enjoyed the sort of childish office antics. I enjoyed them in fiction but oh I’d hate to work with either of them in an actual office! They were fun to read about though.

I really enjoyed the growth of their romance and was rooting for those two to get together!

This was a novella and a very quick read. It was short and sweet and made me smile. I really enjoyed it!

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